Bulgaria is a picturesque South-Eastern European country.

Bulgaria offers Residency and Citizenship by Investment. The investor can invest in a certified government project (such as tourism, industry, and local development), government bonds or shares of Bulgarian companies traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Ordinary process: Investment of 512,000 EUR has to made by the foreign investors. Permanent Residence is secured within 6 months (which is the fastest in the whole of the European Union). Citizenship is granted after 5 years.

Fast-track process: The foreign investor has to make the same amount of investment in the second year for a sum total of 102,4000 EUR. Citizenship can be obtained within 2 years. The investor has to keep the investment for another 2 years. After 4 years, the investment amount is fully refunded back to the client.

There are other 2 alternate ways to obtain Bulgarian Permanent Residence and Citizenship :

  • By opening a Trade Representative Office of a foreign company in Bulgaria: OR
  • By opening a Limited Liability Company and hiring 10 local citizens.
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